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Slipcases are a simple and cost effective way of adding perceived value and a feeling of luxury to your product. They are typically used with individual cases but can also be designed to accommodate multiple units.

Slipcases are extremely versatile, tuck end flaps can be included to enclose either one or both ends and thumb and finger cuts can also be applied to make it easier to remove the contents.

Some customers also choose to use embossing, metallic inks or die-cutting to make their products stand out.

Stickers are great for highlighting sales features or the bonus content of your products.

We can supply stickers in all different shapes and sizes. Over 1500 different label sizes are available as roll labels, including circles, ovals, rectangles, squares and assorted shapes - most of which can be printed in up to five colours.

We offer a number of sticker materials including permanent and removable adhesive, white, gold and silver paper, clear polypropylene and gold & silver foil.

Once your product has been packed we can individually wrap it in plastic to protect it from being damaged before it reaches the stores.

Most distributors and stores won’t accept stock unless its wrapped.

Depending on your type of packaging one of three wrapping processes may be most suitable. We have overwrap machines for products in plastic cases and shrinkwrap and high speed flo-wrap for board based packaging.

Contact our Sales Department for more information.

Screen printing is the original method of onbody printing for CD Replication. This is suitable if you have quite a basic design containing large areas of solid colors.

If however you require high quality, high resolution full color print including photo quality images, or extremely high detail graphics, gradients and backgrounds, then offset may be more a suitable solution.

if you would like to discuss what option would be most suitable for your design, give us a call, otherwise we will select the most suitable process on sight of the artwork.

If you want your products to go into retail stores they will require a barcode. This is so your products can be scanned at the point of sale.

Barcodes are issued through GS1 the not-for-profit association dedicated to the development and implementation of global standards. If you require a barcode for your product we can supply you with all the information that you need to apply for one.

For more information contact our Sales Department.

Make your product look professional by adding a top spine label. These plastic strips can be applied on the top of CD and DVD cases as well as digi style packs.

The top spine label is generally printed with the artist name, title, selection number and barcode.