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ENSŌ Collective “LOOP”

2015-03-09 12:44:44

After nearly a year of being told it couldn’t be done by other ‘so-called’ specialists, the Enso Collective finally found their way home to Sound Performance.

Over the course of numerous revisions, design modifications and mock-ups, the uncompromising determination of our team succeeded in making the artist’s vision a stellar reality.  What is it, you might ask? It’s an 8 Panel Custom Folder (modelled after a 10” Record Jacket) with Shaped Die-Cut Pieces that assemble into a paper sculpture that could be likened to images of an Anime Explosion or a possibly an Origami Succulent.  There’s also a 405 binary digit download code with variable data printed on a clear film that covers one of the inside panels.  Each code is based on a unique variation of 35 haiku poems written by the 35 artists who provide audio and visual content, as part of the Enso Collective.  It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, conceptually and aesthetically speaking, not to mention something that we’re all very proud of.


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